Outstanding in Appearance | BEVERAGE

"YOKO" is a bar in a mountain hut in Mt. Chokai. The shop is only open on weekends when fresh yogurt is made, but is mostly closed. The rich yogurt liquor with a sourness to it holds anyone who drinks it captive. (Although the customer may be aiming for Yoko) Nobody knows the identity of Yoko.

"YOKO" is a blended liquor of rich yogurt and Junmai Daiginjo (top quality sake brewed from rice milled at 50%). We set an imaginary story of a woman running a bar in a mountain hut, and promote this through websites and social media. 
For the product packaging to display a sense of mystery, decorative elements were limited as much possible, and designed with a motif using the side face of a mysterious woman (= YOKO) where her expressions can't be seen. Printing a single colour; navy, on a transparent bottle, the white colour within is accentuated."

Client: TATENOKAWA, Inc.
Design Company: suginoshita llc
Art Direction / Design / illustration: suginoshita llc
Photo: Kohei Shikama
Copy Writing: Kanako Yamazaki
Country: Japan

Find out more on: https://bar-yoko.jp/ and https://suginoshita.jp/