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"A soap that travels with you. Take a trip with one piece for one night; a whole box for long vacations. Portable soap with sixteen pieces per box, each weighing approximately 3g. Each piece is about the size of washing the entire body, with a little left over.

"The Travelling Soap" is a genuine soap that is not only lovely in appearance, but is particular about natural ingredients that are gentle on the body. For customers to use at ease, the use of any preservatives, stabilisers, or colouring is prohibited, and an additive free soap made only from raw materials is carefully made.

The soap is cooked from long used methods of "water saponification" and "cold process", and aged by air drying. Without using any fire, the soap is slowly saponified using only the reactive heat from nature, and also gradually dried through air drying. For this reason, natural moisturising properties and vitamins wholly remain, and washing up will feel exceptional."

Client: Marubishi Sekken Co., Ltd.
Design Company: FUMIAKI GOTO design / 5x8 PRODUCTS
Creative Director / Art Director / Designer: Fumiaki Goto
Country: Japan
Client: Marubishi Sekken Co., Ltd.

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