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Outstanding in Creativity | FOOD

“Things, good and bad, happen at work everyday. To relieve you from the bad, we want to present a “moment” as a gift. When you drink miso soup, you are released from various circumstances and difficulties, and you feel warm, satisfied and happy, for a moment.

To encourage these positive feelings, we used water colour illustrations. And for each flavour, we developed a name and a song that ties them together. This way, illustrations and words (lyrics) work together to convey a story. Remember children’s books? And how they have a happy and uplifting affect with their fun words and rhymes? Well, we want our miso soups to have the same if not similar affect.

Suitable for various dining scenes, we chose a tubular container design so consumers will want to put or display it on their dining tables. Moreover, product information was reduced to its minimum to appeal towards the e-commerce crowd.”

Client: Marukome Co., Ltd.
Design Company: KANZAN, Inc.
Creative Direction: Yoshiyuki Ishii
Art Direction & Design:
Kiyoto Kokubun
Country: Japan

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