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Outstanding in Materials | BEAUTY & COSMETICS

“The design expresses the common desire or feeling felt by women: “when your hair changes, the way you see your surrounding or scenery also changes (ever so slightly).” In other words, sometimes, your hair determines your day - a bad hair day on an important day, for example, may affect your outlook negatively. Our products are made to empower and encourage women facing these moments. We applied a pink brush stroke for the bottles and illustrations depicting a “KESHIKI (landscape in English)” for the labels.

In recent years, women are seeking solutions to their diversified / varied hair problems with high functional products. Though they, in particular, women in their teens and 20s, are curious and optimistic about professional salon products, many are unable to apply these into their daily lives due to high cost and lack of knowledge. Our products were developed to solve these issues: our brand is cost friendly and is as reputable as a professional salon brand. We want consumers to think of us as an “introduction to salon products.””

Client: &NINE Inc.
Design: &NINE Inc.
illustration: Kotoka Izumi
Country: Japan

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