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Outstanding in Form | OTHERS

“TEETER TOTTER TOWER is a balance game where you need to put the piece on the seesaw without dropping or throwing the seesaw off the tower. Once the seesaw falls from the tower; the game is over. Imagine the weight of each piece with various shapes, sizes and thickness. Strategise and aim to be the last to drop the seesaw. It is a game that kids and adults alike can enjoy. Witnessing the tipping point will drive you crazy!

KAMI NO KOUSAKUJO (Paper Workshop) project attempts to explore the possibilities of paper under various themes. The TEETER TOTTER TOWER was created under the theme of “games”. The idea of creating a balance game with movement stems from our thoughts of how a game could be enjoyed intuitively, and how it can be interesting.

The pieces used in this game are scraps from the paper factory. By using the scraps, we were able to gather different variations of colours, shapes, textures and thickness. The pieces add challenge and unpredictability - let’s enjoy the unexpected results in the movement of the seesaw.”

Design Company: switch design
Design: Tomonori Ohata, Hiromi Taki
Country: Japan

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