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"A project that consisted of naming, logo making, and package renewal for kna plus. To bring a sense of quality to the branding, connoting a honest and humble characteristic, as well as bringing costs down. 
For customers to grasp a consistent recognition of the brand, we used the distinctive feature of the pleats for its name, logo, and packaging to create a common theme throughout. Its name "PLECO" comes from the pleating and embodys its consideration toward our environment, and the logo reflects the expression of the pleats. As for its package, a piece of corrugated board is used to express the specific touch of the pleating, and the opening created from the cut out of the brand name allows the gentle and unique colours of the product to peek through. The tag strings also uses a material that will go back to nature. 
Previously used packaging for gifts and varying sizes were reorganised and merged into one type of packaging, so that issues will not arise in each part of the process. This improved the quality of the brand, and lead to bringing costs down as well."

Client: Kna plus
Design Company: 83Design Inc.
Art Director: Koji Yano (83Design Inc.)
Graphic Designer: Yuki Tsutsumi
Package Designer: Yuko Morigami (VOWS)
Country: Japan

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