Hatake no Megumi Series (KURO / AKA / HAKU)

Hatake no Megumi Series (KURO / AKA / HAKU)
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“Hatake no Megumi series packages variety of beans and rice produced in sake-rice farm. Hyogo Prefecture is known for the production of Yamada Nishiki and Tambaguro (black soybeans). The fertile soil and the large temperature difference between day and night bring up large and good-quality beans.

“KURO” is black soybean, “AKA” is red bean, and “HAKU” is white and brown rice.

Centred around SEN, the product name and packaging has a unified appearance.”

Client: ten, inc.
Design Company: smbetsmb
Art Direction & Design: Keita Shimbo + Misaco Shimbo
Country: Japan

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