Umeboshi KARUTA

Umeboshi KARUTA

Outstanding in Form | FOOD

"Going around and tasting over 300 different varieties of umeboshi (Japanese sour plums) nationwide, this is a product from BambooCut that introduces Japan's charm through umeboshi. BambooCut selected 12 types of umeboshi and packaged each one into a capsule to create "Umeboshi Karuta", where one can create their original assortment. We've participated since product concept and developed it with the theme "karuta" (a Japanese card game) as a playful and collective product that will be used at events. When you peel off the sticker on the cup, an illustration appears. Along with its logo and illustrator Radio Wada's surreal world view, "karuta" was reinterpreted as a modern design expression."

Client: BambooCut inc.
Design Company: KITADA DESIGN inc.
Art Director / Designer: Shingo Kitada
Country: Japan

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