KIRIN Namacha / Decaf

KIRIN Namacha / Decaf

Outstanding in Functionality | Beverage

"< KIRIN Namacha > The distinctive green bottle is designed to accompany you wherever you go. Complementing a variety of life scenes, the sleek modern design adds a touch of elegance to the everyday, encouraging lifestyles that incorporate the pleasures of full-flavored Kirin Namacha green tea. Evoking the lines of a wine bottle, the smooth form of the PET bottle is highlighted by a label that suggests the texture of semi-translucent glass. The deep green color conveys the vital energy and concentrated flavor of green tea leaves.

< KIRIN Namacha DECAF> Kirin wants people to enjoy green tea in various scenarios. For mothers-to-be and others who are concerned about limiting caffeine consumption, new Namacha DECAF makes it possible to enjoy the flavor of green tea, even right before bedtime. Inheriting the simple, elegant image of the recently renewed Namacha brand, new Namacha DECAF comes in a conveniently portable 430ml size. The semi-translucent white label features a deep green logo that conveys a simple, natural impression while evoking the smooth, refreshing flavor of green tea."

Client: Kirin Beverage Company,Limited
Design Company: Draft Co.,Ltd. / Ryoko Isioka Design Office
Creative Director: Satoru Miyata (Draft Co.,Ltd.)
Art Director: Ryoko Isioka(Ryoko Isioka Design Office)
Designer: Ryoko Isioka(Ryoko Isioka Design Office) / Takuma Fukuzawa(Draft Co.,Ltd.)
Country: Japan

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