Yamagata no Kiwami

Yamagata no Kiwami
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Outstanding in Creativity | BEVERAGE

“The design for “Yamagata no Kiwami (Yamagata Premium Dessert Juice series)” derives from the thought - how can we deliver the product with minimal information? Yamagata prefecture is a fruit paradise, producing a bountiful variety of fruits that are harvested throughout the year. Because the best fruits are selected, juiced then canned - we want our design to be direct and straightforward, in other words, minimal.

Our design maintains a balance between what’s there and what’s not. Neither the colour, font and shape of the illustration nor the “blank space” surrounding the graphic stands out. And our packaging is slightly smaller, prompting the idea that the product can be enjoyed in the palm of your hand. Our series is not for quenching your thirst, but for enjoying the umami (taste) from the fruit. Simply put, it’s more like a fruit “soup” that exists between fruit and juice.”

Design Company: daicon inc.
Art Direction:
Daisuke Nakayama
Kosuke Nakayama
Country: Japan

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