Bottled Beer (Yeast Pilsner)

Bottled Beer (Yeast Pilsner)
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Outstanding in Functionality | BEVERAGE

“Bottled Beer was inspired by the following excerpt:

Immerse in a novel alone
Enjoy a beer alone
A woman’s heart is like a novel
With a lot of things; thoughts and feelings
Drink this beer
As a reward for a job well done
Immerse in it
Just like you would, with a novel
It’s that kind of beer

Soup Stock Tokyo specialises in creating “eating soup” instead of “drinking soup”. There are about 68 stores nationwide, mainly in Tokyo. Most of our consumers are women - we wanted introduce beer as something to reward these ladies after their hard work. Although I was not in charge of the product development, as a designer, I wanted to create a beer product that was original to Soup Stock Tokyo.”

Client: Soup Stock Tokyo Co., Ltd.
Design Company: Smiles Co., Ltd.
Creative Direction: Wataru Nozaki
Art Direction and Design:
Rumi Kitayama
Yoshiko Murata
Country: Japan

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