Mitsuura-Jozo AMAZAKE

Mitsuura-Jozo AMAZAKE
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Outstanding in Appearance | BEVERAGE

““Koji” is an essential ingredient in sake. It breaks the starches in rice into sugars, brings out its unique scent and taste, and tends to have an image that is good for health. For those that enjoy the flavours of koji, and for those that don’t, we offer three flavours: plain, lemongrass and summer mandarin. These refreshing flavours were developed to make it easier and fun for younger consumers to enjoy. The packaging was also designed in a way that appeals to a younger audience.

Rice is a simple ingredient but it offers nutrition and sweetness in the product. To convey the importance of rice, we used a combination of rice grain silhouettes to create a pattern on the bottle. We also incorporated, as part of our packaging, our design from 100 years ago, to add depth and solidify the new packaging as a whole.

Taking future flavour developments into consideration, our design is flexible as we only use colours to convey the flavours of our products. The clear case gift packaging has two variations: 3 bottles and 6 bottles. It showcases the vibrant colours of the products inside which makes it perfect to give as a gift.”

Client: mitsuura-jozo co., ltd.
Package Design Company: mitsuura-jozo co., ltd.
Clear Case Design Company: GOGO Co.
Creative, Art Direction & Design: Kentaro Mitsuura
Clear Case Design:
Fumiyasu Yoshino
Country: Japan

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