Suiyo-bi no neko

Suiyo-bi no neko

Outstanding in Creativity | Beverage

"The design concept: "a beer to relax your mind and body (with smiles and cats) in the middle of the week (Wednesday)."
What we aimed for was not a beer for the mass, but a beer that "fans will definitely love."
As well as in deciding the package design, instead of working for something that the majority of consumers will choose, we wanted a strong support from the slim 10% targeted. Those people will wish to purchase it unintentionally and also recommend it to the people around them. 

Our target was for women in their 30s, yet especially for those with a high sensitivity for information, opinion leaders with a great deal of influence to their surroundings. Those of who used a popular shampoo brand at the time, we targeted those "TSUBAKI women" and developed our product around that. 
We developed a persona that our target would love cats. And so the cat design was adopted. 

We then researched in what situations our target would drink beer, and the result was in the middle of the week, in the afternoon after work, to refresh and look forward to the rest of the week. 
With this kind of situation in mind, we extracted the "Wednesday" from the middle of the week, and the name of the beer became "Suiyo-bi no Neko" ("Wednesday's Cat" in Japanese)."

Client: Yoho Brewing
Creative Director: Shigeki Matsunaga
Art Director: Shinji Honda
Illustrator: Mai Ono
Country: Japan

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