Outstanding in Creativity | Beverage

"This was a renewal project for rice shochu, a traditional Japanese sake. 
As this market is saturated in Japan, we began by forming a concept together with our client so that the end product will not be buried among competitors. 
Through hearings with consumers and testing with an AI taste sensor, we came up with a concrete concept of "a rice shochu that pairs well with meat", and illustrated that straightforwardly in the packaging design. 
In Japan, when one thinks of a drink that goes well with meat dishes, it would typically be beer or red wine, and rice shochu would not come into the picture at all. 
In addition to the concept differentiating itself from other products, the realistic illustration of the raw meat, and the number "29" as the product name (in Japanese "meat" sounds the same as the number 29) left an overwhelming impact.
The results were successful, and sales tripled from before its renewal. 
Note: if you look closely, the marbling of the meat is in the shape of Japan, and this playfulness makes a good story when the maker — our client, goes to negotiate with buyers at retail shops."

Client: TAMANOHIKARI Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.
Design Company: SUN-AD Company Limited
Creative Director: Kiyoshi Omori
Copy Writer: Hitoshi Gujo
Art Director: Shota Kobayashi
illustrator: Yuko Sekine
Producer: Takuya Araki
Country: Japan

Find out more on: http://www.tamanohikari.co.jp and http://www.sun-ad.co.jp