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Outstanding in Materials | FOOD

“We want to work alongside with producers; this triggered our new project - craft butter making. Coffee beans have different tastes and flavours depending on where it has been harvested. Like coffee beans, butter is different from one farm to another. We believe understanding the producers’ passion towards butter-making can make one’s meal slightly more enjoyable.

Only 5% of milk can turn into butter, the rest is non-fat milk and it’s usually processed into skimmed milk powder and sold at a low price. We focused to use non-fat milk in our product to give more value; to use local ingredients to create something that can become a Nasu (town in Japan) souvenir. BUTTER NO ITOKO aims to make the producers, locals and visitors of Nasu happy.”

Design Company: ALNICO DESIGN
Creative Direction: Goichi Miyamoto
Design: Daisuke Hiratsuka
Country: Japan

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