Coca-Cola Ribbon Bottle

Coca-Cola Ribbon Bottle

Outstanding in Creativity | Beverage

"Coca-Cola’s innovative “Ribbon Bottle” that instantly transforms its label to a ribbon, will provide a never-before-experienced surprise to families, friends and loved ones, deepening their bond, and offering an even more special moment. Together with the launch of the campaign on October 30, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, and the Coca-Cola Zero Caffeine newly added this year will be sold in three types of Ribbon Bottles (500ml PET each) for a limited period nationwide in Japan. For 2017, the label’s and ribbon’s designs have been revamped to further liven up Christmas and winter parties with even more surprise and festivity. With the addition of the Coca-Cola Zero Caffeine Ribbon Bottle with zero calorie and caffeine, friends and family—regardless of gender or age—can enjoy the great taste of Coca-Cola and the surprise of Ribbon Bottles even at occasions such as gatherings of people with different lifestyles and family parties."

Company: Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, Limited
Country: Japan

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