case 3776 (tissue pouch)

case 3776 (tissue pouch)

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"A tissue case with Mt. Fuji illustrated up to the 7th station. 
To raise the altitude to its full 3776m, please pull out a little bit of the tissue.
With that, the shape of Mt.Fuji is completed. 
When you happen to come across a person with a runny nose or teary eyes, take this tissue case out from your pocket and offer it to them. 
On another note, cards and loose change can also be organised in the case. 

This all began in the moment I pulled out a piece of tissue, and noticed that it looked like Mt.Fuji. 
In 2011, I held a Mt.Fuji themed exhibition. 
As a tool for advertising, I thought to give out pocket tissues. 
In fact, pocket tissues are a popular form of advertisement, and seeing many people take them home took an impression on me. 
Taking in that idea, I developed a pocket tissue case as a product, and continued to make a number of everyday items that look like Mt.Fuji. I imagine the works in hope that the things I have designed come to create communication between people." 

Client: goodbymarket
Design Company: goodbymarket
Creative Director / Art Director / Designer: Tomohiro Ikegaya
Country: Japan

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