Coloured Candles Four Seasons Series

Coloured Candles Four Seasons Series
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““People are forgetting how to handle fire but we hope to change that.” Coloured Candles (four seasons series) revolves around the concept of “remembering” and “recalling”. The 24 colours are grouped then allocated to the appropriate scene or memory. Through this series, and by handling fire, we hope that people can create new unforgettable memories for generations to come.

The packaging is divided into four boxes depicting four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. Each illustration conveys its own seasonal landscape - specific to Shiga prefecture. The inner box that holds each candle, is also specially constructed into a triangle, to hold each candle firmly.

We respect nature and we appreciate articles that are close to our lives. We try to reflect and convey these values through our design”

Client: Daiyo. inc.
Design Company: KUMA / Michio Yokoyama Design Studio
Art Direction & Design: Michio Yokoyama
Illustration: danny
Country: Japan

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