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Outstanding in Appearance | BEAUTY & COSMETICS

“Many people refer to Levi’s 501 as a staple for denim jeans. “THE” aims to create products that will become the staples in the future. A collaboration by Manabu Mizono; creative director, consultant for a company that create the popular mascot Kumamon, Masashi Nakagawa; 13th generation of Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten, a historic brand that was established in 1716, and Keita Suzuki; one of the most sought after young product designer. The team was responsible for everything from planning, design, production, sales, store management, etc. With a strong desire to innovate while respecting traditions, “THE” creates products that are user friendly and producing designs that consumers want to have.”

Client: THE
Design Company: good design company
Creative Direction: Manabu Mizuno 
Country: Japan

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