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Outstanding in Functionality | FOOD

“A Japanese confectionary store nakamata is located in a corner of a shopping district in Maebashi city, Gunma prefecture. Based on the concept of “nagomu wo fuyasu” (increase warmness and calmness in one’s heart), we try to create products that give opportunities to you and someone to “nagomu” (softly warm or calm) through Japanese snacks. Our aim is for our snacks to be delicious, cute-looking, shareable and gift-worthy.

“kotane” expresses Maebashi city’s vision of “mebuku” (budding or sprouting). It is a bean snack that resembles a “budding seed”. There is 6 variations of flavour: faint sweet Japanese bonbon, slightly spicy seaweed wasabi; all which evokes a sense of nostalgia.

In order to show the variations of flavour, the packaging uses graphics that depicts and visualises the ingredients and flavours. They are fun to collect and can be reused after eating.”

Client: nakamata
Design Company:
nanilani inc.
Creative Direction: Takaaki Murase
Art Direction & Design: Ayako Inada
Country: Japan

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