Vegetable Crayon

Vegetable Crayon

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"We design colourful family moments"
"With this thought as our foundation, these crayons were created from locally sourced rice and vegetables. 
The project began from the sensitivity of one female designer, who balances both work and raising a child, who thought: "How nice would it be — if we coloured the pure white of Aomori's snow scene with the colours from vegetables". Made from a base of rice wax, collected from rice bran, and from raw materials taken from imperfect vegetables, we considered resources and the environment to create the very first vegetable derived crayons with natural colours that are safe in case a child put it in the mouth and lick.
The name of the colours were adopted from the name of vegetables. As there are very few blue vegetables that exist in nature, the set doesn't include a blue colour to keep in line with the concept of vegetables. Imagining each person to draw out their own story, the package takes on the form of a book, enhancing the satisfaction when received as a gift, to be enjoyed as part of the interior on a bookshelf in the living room, and can be easily stored away. The design was renewed as of this October, and on its new package, the visual of Iwaki Mountain to symoblise Aomori was used to create a solid image that will continue to feel timeless even after many years."

Design Company: mizuiro Inc.
Creative Director / Designer: Naoko Kimura
Art Director: Taku Yoshimizu
Country: Japan

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