happy KASHISHIKI for japanese sweets

 happy KASHISHIKI for japanese sweets
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Outstanding  in Materials | OTHERS

"Wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) is one of the aesthetics that Japan gave birth to. Changing by the season, it expresses the things around us in an intricate and modern; or something cute and humourous manner. There's beauty in not only its taste, but in its appearance. However, the opportunity to eat wagashi is decreasing by the year. We wanted to create more opportunities to eat wagashi in a fun and casual way. We wanted small children and young people to take more interest in wagashi. Kashiki was created from such thoughts. Of course, not limiting to Japanese sweets but also Western sweets too."

Design Company: TETUSIN DESIGN
Art Director / Designer: Takayuki Senzaki
Country: Japan

Find out more on: tetusin.com