Kinoene Apple

Kinoene Apple
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Outstanding in Appearance | BEVERAGE

“Kinoene Apple is a Japanese sake. It uses “Sake Yeast Kyokai No. 77” which contains the most malic acid in white wine to produce an exquisite balance of sweetness and sourness with light aftertaste.

A staple drink to be chilled and enjoyed during the summer, Kinoene Apple is a casual authentic Junmai Ginjo sake. The product targets young women - product concept and packaging are designed to appeal towards the younger audience.

Using “apple” in the product name and as a decoration / motif (bottle neck ornament), we hope it leaves an impression and adds a pop of colour. By utilising sharp form typography (instead of the traditional round form) for the label, we hope to introduce a different perspective to traditional sake labels.”

Client: Iinumahonke Inc.
Design Company: tegusu Inc.
Masaomi Fujita
Producer: Anchorman Inc.
Country: Japan

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