Taiwan Beer 2016 Commemorative Bottle

Taiwan Beer 2016 Commemorative Bottle

Outstanding in Functionality  |  Beverage

"It was the first time for “Taiwan Beer” to have a new created campaign as and so-called “2016 Commemorative Bottle” with distinct images for marketing their beer and brand.

The mission was to make a big difference which should be as attractive as possible. As Taiwan Beer’s 2016 tagline “Be proud of Taiwan”, we extended the route to create a longer sentence carrying an idea in restriction “Be proud of Taiwan, be proud of your colour” as an advocate as well. The labels placed animals with particular colours from their nature normally known by people. It’s also a reference to a variety of occupations, genders, sexual orientations, and ethnic groups, drawing attention to the very issues of “Identification”."

Client: Taiwan Beer
Design Company: Aaron Nieh Workshop
Designer: Aaron Nieh
Country: Taiwan