Tsubame Coffee Drip Bag

Tsubame Coffee Drip Bag

Outstanding in Creativity | Beverage

"SInce it's called Tsubame Coffee (Tsubame is "swallow" in Japanese), the swallow is used as a motif, but designed a little differently from the swallow you normally see. 
It could be a cloud or a mountain; abstract yet when told it's a swallow — you can somewhat see a swallow: a swallow that can be felt with the wind. 
The Tsubame Coffee logo that was created in this manner is also placed on this drip bag. 
As it's a coffee bag that can be easily enjoyed on the go, if you can enjoy them on another land, within another wind — that would make me very happy."

Client: Tsubame Coffee
Design Company: Ichio Otsuka
Art Director: Ichio Otsuka
Designer: Anna Kawamura
Country: Japan

Find out more on: http://ichiootsuka.com/